Advantages Of An Incredible Pub

At one time the local nightclub was in danger of vanishing from our landscapes but fortunately things seem to be turning around for the old stalwart of British society.

Everyone I know has visited a pub, even if they are not drinkers.

For the reason that your local pub is so much more than only a watering hole.

You only have to watch the nation's two much-loved soap operas - East Enders and Coronation Street. Where does all the drama occur? Yep, in the pub. This is because the nightclub is still the only place where everyone from a community gathers.

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Presently, you have your gyms and healthy smoothies bars and even community centres.

But do you know what; they just do not have the same ambience as your local bar.

I think atmosphere is just what a really good nightclub is all about.

After all a building is just a building, you can set a bar in it, a few comfortable chairs and an one arm bandit ( if you should) but it is still not a welcoming place to be if it does not have a good ambiance.

What I enjoy is a family run bar.

As soon as you walk inside a pub which is run by a family you can pick up on that feeling of togetherness, knowing that everyone is pulling together for the benefit of all.

The family managed pub is a lot more than just a business; it is a way of life. Being a punter you get to know them as well as their trials and tribulations and they get acquainted with yours.

You get the feel that you are not just being served a drink but somebody is taking an active interest in your life and are simply interested in how your day went.

Fashions in bars will come and go as they have for hundreds of years and no doubt will continue to over the next hundred years to come too.

But, for me you can not get better than a great family run British nightclub.

Walking into one of these beautiful institutions I know that I could be guaranteed traditional British food and drink at prices that scream out great value.

I probably do not go in my local pub as much as I did previously or would want to, as life takes over. But that does not make any difference.

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I can rely on it always being there and providing me with excellent service.

A quiet drink after a hard day's job, a Sunday roast with the whole family or Aunt Sue's 60th birthday bash - these, I am well assured could all easily be taken care of with just a quick nod to the landlord.

There are a few British traditions that must never be permitted to die.

Fish and chips being one, changing of the guard another and going down the local for a quick one, the last.

All hail the British traditional bar and long may it live!

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