Bed Bug Eggs - Locating And Eliminating Bed Bug Eggs Is A Key Part In Bed Bug Remedies

A fertilized female bed bug with easy access to a good food supply can lay between 3 to 4 eggs every day. If circumstances are not ideal she may perhaps only lay 1. Nevertheless, it is possible that a single female will lay around 500 eggs during the course of her lifetime - typically somewhere around 9 months depending upon conditions such as temperature etc.

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The very small bed bug eggs are usually laid in places where they are least likely to be disturbed therefore ensuring they have the best chance of hatching and maturing. When searching for bed bug eggs examine any cracks and crevices, behind peeling wallpaper, baseboards, along the bottom of headboards and so on.

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When an egg is first laid the exterior is covered with a gluey substance which enables it to adhere on to the surface on to which it has been placed making it a lot more difficult for it to be removed. The eggs of bed bugs are extremely small measuring a mere 1 mm and are white in color. Fairly often you will hear them likened in appearance to a grain of rice. At regular room temperatures the juvenile bed bugs will emerge within a week.

Of course if you can identify bed bug eggs and kill them before they hatch the infestation may be brought under control easier. Unfortunately it has to be stated that this may be much easier said than done. Due to their size and of course color finding bed bugs eggs is certainly no simple task especially when they are located on a surface that is light in color. It is just about possible to see them with the human eye but making use of a magnifier and a flash light can make the task a little bit easier.

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So, just how do you destroy bed bug eggs? To be honest there's no straight-forward answer. Would you believe there are no chemical treatments guaranteed to destroy bed bug eggs in one go!. Some of these remedies won't kill any eggs due to the fact they cannot penetrate the exterior casing. To be fair, these products are only designed to destroy adult bugs and nymphs upon contact.

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The best method to kill bed bug eggs is by using heat. Temperatures in excess of 120 oC are going to kill them. This is actually the reason that it is advisable to wash and tumble dry all bed linen, garments etc before getting started with any treatment of the infested room. It is not the washing which will get rid of the eggs but the time those items spend in your drier.

As for destroying bedbug eggs with heat you have a few choices including a commercial treatment carried out by professionals or utilizing a good steam vapor cleaner and doing the job yourself. You have to ensure it's one which gets to the kind of temperatures required in other words in excess of 120 oC and generates dry vapor in order to avoid items becoming too wet and maybe causing problems with mildew.

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If you do opt for chemical treatments do not forget you will need to apply it more than once due to the fact a single treatment will not destroy all the eggs. Therefore, further treatments are going to be needed at intervals to eliminate bugs as they hatch out.

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