Bronze Sculptures: From Birth At The Foundry To Furnishing Living Spaces.

Understanding how a bronze sculpture is made will change you perspective on the value of every single piece. Did you know that each bronze statue must be created by hand? Crafted in the same manner that they were made during the time of the ancient sculptures. A sculpture goes through many crucial steps before it is ready to be marketed to the consumer. Here are those steps.

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1. First an artist's hands have to make the sculptures. They must be molded out of clay, most often, and even every aspect must be put in place before they are sent to the foundry.

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2. At the foundry a worker covers the sculpture in a rubber solution that will harden, and when removed creates a mold, that has every tiny detail.

3. Taking out the mold, it is given a thicker supporting encasement then it is filled with wax. Three to four times the wax will be poured in filling the empty rubber mold to the very top. Then when the mold is full the wax will be poured back out so that you can coat the inside of the mold perfectly. Every single layer filled in until there is a perfect statue of hollow wax.

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4. The hollow wax mold is carefully studied for faults. Any that are found are removed or repaired carefully after that the hollow wax statue is affixed with channels and tubes which will allow for the molten metal to be poured in later and for the air to escape through. The wax figure with all its attachments is then dipped just like an ice cream into a vat of ceramic solution. This solution will harden and then be placed in a kiln.

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5. As the kiln heats up and hardens the ceramic mold the wax inside melts away leaving behind a perfect empty mold into which they pour the molten bronze.

6. The bronze is eventually left to cool for a long time. Then it is removed from the mold and polished. At last the skilled foundry workers will color it using chemicals so that the final product is the beautiful color you can see.

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