But There Are Other Word Of Faith Preachers That Are Not

They label themselves word of faith people. Some call them "name it and claim it" men and women. I have been warned of word of faith preachers. I've been told to steer clear from these individuals. I was essentially taught that having an excessive amount of faith is usually a bad thing. It's critical to be practical of limitations of what a single person can do and what Our god can and will do. Lucky for me, I reached the time in my walk with Christ that I recognized I needed greater faith. Increased faith in God's word inside the Bible. Increased faith that His words are accurate. Greater faith that the world I had been living in wasn't my genuine identity. It was at this point a close friend of mine introduced me to word of faith preacher Kenneth Copeland.

While in Caesarea Phillipi, Jesus Christ asked His disciples who men and women thought He was. And they answered him, a few said John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah or another prophet. Probing further, Jesus wanted his good friends to inform him who they thought he was.

It appears to me that word of faith preachers simply concentrate on faith in The almighty and His word. Other churches concentrate on the laws of the Old Testament (like Catholicism and Orthodoxy). Even other churches focus on self-condemnation and reminders that we're sinners. And even other churches only focus on God's love.

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Are any of these churches truly incorrect? Not necessarily. Many items these churches preach are actually in the Bible. They basically choose to concentrate on that one particular aspect. So they are not wrong per se, they're just not painting the complete picture of God's word. It really is important for us, realizing this, that we consider following a variety of preachers.

For AJ Sculptures artist Angela Johnson the Savior of the world is the source of her power to create lovely as well as masterful sculptures of Jesus.

So, returning to my initial question, are word of faith preachers con artists? Well, as with any other kind of church, it depends upon the church leader. However, you will find some that are cons. But you can find other word of faith preachers which are not. I have been following Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and Jesse Duplantis for a few months now. As they have been quoting bible verses in their sermons, I have identified very little of what they teach to be off-base. Sure, there's some things I can find to differ with, but I can say that about ANY preacher. In all, I have observed their preaching to be sound and a genuine blessing. These individual word of faith preachers have taught me to stand strong on God's word and to not waiver. They have trained me in what surrendering entirely to God and having confident faith in Him means. Their word of faith lessons have furthered my walk with The lord. I'm so very grateful for this and praise God for it!

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The Light Of The World Garden A Place In Which All Are Welcome To Ponder The Life Of Jesus Christ
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But no guide has sold as many copies as the bible, and no religion has been as stimulating as the Christian religion. Why is this? Why do people feel they need a savior?

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