Easy Instructions To Correctly Use A Sanyo Rice Cooker

Sanyo rice cookers take the guess work out of cooking rice. For those who have tried to cook rice, the outcome is usually an undercooked, crispy rice or an overcooked, soft rice, neither of which is a desirable final result. Using a Sanyo rice cooker, you merely put the ingredients, set up the timer, and it will do all the work for you. Below is a few rice cooker reviews that you could find very useful.

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Measurement is the most significant step in cooking rice. Sanyo offers a measuring cup; fill it level with the the surface of the cup. Measure water accurately, in accordance with preferred menu setting. Extra water may boil over; too little water will lead to undercooked rice. Assemble the inner pot into Sanyo unit and close both lids. Simply find the "menu" option and select the suitable setting for the kind of rice you plan to prepare: white/rinse free, sprouted, fast, porridge or brownish rice. Press the "Cook/Reheat" button and leave while the rice cooks. The display panel will certainly count down the remaining cook time. Stir prior to serving and enjoy.

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Your electric rice cooker comes with a "Keep Warm" option, which will keep the brown rice heated for approximately 12 hours. Do not have rice warm for more than 12 hours because it may develop an odor, turn yellow as well as dry out. Sanyo directions warn against keeping combined rice, bi bim bab, brown rice, sweet rice or sprouted brown rice heated, as they may turn to deteriorate or develop an odor.

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You can actually pre-set a cook time for the Sanyo rice cooker to make certain it's prepared when you plan to serve it. You may put together the ingredients inside the rice cooker before you leave in the morning, set up a start time and the brown rice will start cooking at the fixed time. Remember, the cooking timer can't be set if the "keep warm" bulb is let, so make sure it is set to "off."

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