If You Are Looking For A Great And Also Trustworthy Grand Junction Oral Surgeon, Contact Dr. Stephen S. Kelly!

Have you had a facial injury, need to have wisdom teeth removed, or have other requirements for a skilled Grand Junction oral surgeon? Doctor. Stephen S. Kelly of Colorado West Oral and also Maxillofacial Surgery has years of experience performing oral surgery of all sorts, and has personally carried out several thousand effective implant procedures before in his career. You could be definitely sure you are in experienced and trustworthy hands when he is accomplishing your dental work.

Think of dental insurance as safeguard against risk: risk for your teeth; risk to your teeth's health. That is all there is into it. Why take the risk to await for something bad to happen when you're able to protect yourself against it?

Dr. Stephen S. Kelly is an oral surgeon as well as dentist of Grand Junction who offers you all types of services. Have you suffered from a terrible facial injury, or broken jaw? He is capable of doing jaw surgery, and also take care of any specific facial injury, whether it consists of damage to the jaw and mouth itself or maybe something that has harmed around the eyes or nose. He also can carry out dental implants, bone grafting, taking out wisdom teeth, and much more. Memorize, oral surgeons are not merely dentists. Yes, oral surgeons are qualified to do usual dentistry such as filling cavities and assisting you to maintain healthy teeth. The difference, nevertheless, between an ordinary dentist and an oral surgeon is that a dentist is not accredited or qualified to do any sort of surgery.

While the dental implant procedure is not by itself very complicated, it is necessary that you get yourself well prepared beforehand, including a full examination prior to even thinking about undergoing any kind of implants.

Should you get a facial injury or trauma which requires a trip to the emergency room, you may have to do a follow up visit to an oral surgeon, specially in case bone of the face was impacted. Dr. Stephen S. Kelly would like to assist you on your way to facial and also dental recovery by providing you a quality as well as dependable expertise at his hands. Next time that you require wisdom teeth removed or checked, facial injury, the requirement of dental implants or any type of oral surgical procedure, remember Grand Junction dental surgery comes with total satisfaction guaranteed at Colorado West Oral and also Maxillofacial Surgery PC with Dr. Kelly in Grand Junction, CO.

If You Are Looking For A Great And Also Trustworthy Grand Junction Oral Surgeon, Contact Dr. Stephen S. Kelly!
Dr. Stephen S. Kelly is an oral surgeon in Grand Junction, CO who would like to enable you to attain a healthy as well as pain-free smile with his services at Colorado West Oral as well as Maxillofacial Surgery PC. Whether or not it's an injury or a smile that would need fixing, he knows what to do.

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