Important Facts On NHS Forest

With 1.3 million trees the NHS forest was started at the Alder Hey Children's Hospital. The launching of the forest was done in conjunction with the Ken Dodd OBE and children in the neighborhood. The launch was an ambitious plan which would cover land equivalent to 2,500 football pitches. The announcement was done on October 6 in Liverpool with the intention of bringing down the carbon emissions in NHS by 10%.

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The first tree in the forest was planted by children from Mount Primary School. They did this with the help of Ken Dodd OBE, a comedian who lives in Knotty Ash. This tree will have a special place in the forest which is estimated to cost GBP 288m. Once done it will be the first children's hospital in Europe to be developed in such a setting.

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While planting the tree Ken Dodd emphasized the need of planting trees in the entire world to make our home a better place. The 1.3 million trees which will be planted in the NHS forest represent a sapling of all the employees in the NHS. More trees will be planted in more health centers all over UK. The forests so planted will be the focal point in the centenary celebrations of NHS to be arranged in 2048.

Together with the Forestry Commission, Alder Hey is working to have the hospital in parkland setting where the healing process of the children admitted in the hospital will include play. The project has received wide support from different sources and it is currently being assessed before it is shown to the Department of Health for the final approval.

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Numerous resources are utilized in the NHS area and therefore a lot of carbon is produced. It is estimated that when the forest attains its maturity in the next two decades it will be possible to minimize the carbon footprint by 10%. Trees, flowers and shrubs will be planted in every NHS campus. The advantage for this will be to the staff and patients in the facilities. The patients, staff and their relatives will be invited to take part in the project.

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The building of the new hospital in the forest setting is based on the fact that being exposed to the natural environment has huge benefits to the mind and body of the patient. The world would be much better if the NHS project is adopted in many more parts of the world. The local community of the hospital will also have the positive effects of the forest.

The NHS project is coordinated by Sarah Dandy together with other organizations such as Forestry Commission, Greener Healthcare, Natural England and also Woodland Trust. The partners intend to have the project spread in every part of England. There are pilot projects which are being conducted in the Southwest of England.

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It is hoped that the NHS forest project will be duplicated in other areas not just in England but also in the rest of Europe and the entire world. If this is done the world will reduce the amount of carbon emissions substantially and make it more habitable.

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