Key Preparation Tips So Your Garage Sale Can Be An Enormous Success

Any successful garage sale is going to require some preparation and organization on your part. You'd like the sale to be an organized event that goes smoothly so you're able to enjoy yourself while making a bit of extra money. Here are a few important planning ideas to remember.

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Have a Goal

First, have a purpose for your sale. Think about exactly what that purpose is. Do you need to just get rid of things or will you be trying to make some money?

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Advertise Ahead of Time

Don't hold off until the day of your garage sale to start marketing. Get started ahead of time. Advertise in newspapers, online at Craigslist, and even put up garage sale signs in advance.

Keep Some Cash on Hand

Don't expect to get all of your cash from people buying. You need to have some cash on hand so you can offer change to buyers. Having some quarters, dollar bills, and a few five dollar bills handy is a good idea.

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Set up Outdoors

Most people aren't enthusiastic by having to go into a dim garage. Preferably, set up out in the driveway right in front of the garage. Make all the stuff look good as well. If your arrangement looks junky, most people may just drive on by.

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Have Some Tunes

Complete silence can make your sale really feel awkward, so have some music at your garage sales. Make it something appropriate - you won't want to offend anyone with the music.

Emphasize the Major Items

If you have big items that you need to sell, you will need to really play them up. Consider promoting them ahead of time when you put up your ads. Put these items at the front of your sale too so that they are easily seen by folks driving by.

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With the right preparation, you can truly have an excellent garage sale that ends up helping you make a bundle of money. Just keep these garage sale tips in mind and use them for the best results.

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