Learn To Use Facebook Marketing From Someone Who Actually Knows

With an interesting story and an impressive resume to complement, Michelle Pescosolido is a woman well worth getting to know. You might possibly already know who she is because of her popular reputation with Facebook marketing or perhaps you have heard her name mentioned with other industry leaders and money-makers. Irrespective of how you know her or if you even do at all- the tale of Michelle Pescosolido is one that needs to be told!

You can find a lot of misperceptions and problems floating around with regards to Facebook. Why carry out Facebook Marketing? First and foremost, Facebook, similar to other social media, is an excellent strategy to become more prominent and successful by making a face for your self through the internet.

In the Personal Life of Michelle Pescosolido

As an only kid, Michelle Pescosolido saw her mother work very hard for them. Michelle remembers seeing her mother burn the midnight oil regularly just to keep them afloat. This could most likely be one of the reasons she kept fighting so hard to get the right opportunities in her own life.

When making use of social media promoting methods in order to execute effective online promoting, to begin with you need to understand your target consumers.

Michelle Pescosolido seemed to always have been on the lookout for ways to make a decent income from home. She had "real" jobs also but always ended up with another at-home adventure.

On entering motherhood, Michelle realized exactly how important it was for her to stay home and nurture her kids. As fate would have it at that time, however, she became a single mother herself but she tried her hardest to not have to go back to work and rob her kids of her time. In an effort to make a secure future for her family, she returned to school but the extended hours of being mom and studying were more than she could deal with. But fate once again moved in and she found herself in Dallas, Texas where she would meet up with the man she would soon marry as well as enroll back in school.

Things didn't really work out in the employment department in Dallas, although - her double degree would only land her employment making approximately $10 per hour. For approximately 8 months, she gave it her all. Being away from her kids for so little money was not worthwhile to her!

Who knew that websites similar to twitter and myspace would be exceptionally popular. You might have noticed that web 2.0 sites are all the rage In the Internet Marketing arena

So what do you think Michelle Pescosolido did then?

Michelle Pescosolido Finds her Dream Career

Michelle Pescosolido was fed up with fighting financially so when she found a weight-loss product that her friend was taking, it was no big surprise that she had an inspiration! When she tried a sample, she knew she could find some success in marketing and advertising it. It was lots of work but it did pay off with a decent income. But at that time, Michelle was just worn out.

If you are reaching for the stars and trying to end up widely known, the internet supplies you a surplus of tools and techniques you will be able to use to promote your music.

And thus Michelle Pescosolido went looking again! While back online, she found MLSP that was a marketing system that made starting up her own internet business possible.

She was extremely successful because she was determined to be successful that time! Can you guess how successful she was? Michelle Pescosolido earned 5,000 dollars in one month and followed it up with mind-blowing 10k weeks which put her in a 6 figure income in under a year! Really happened, folks! It doesn't even seem possible, does it?

All that hard work and drive really repays sometimes, huh? For Michelle Pescosolido, it was the prize she had been waiting for- and more!

Where You Can See Her Now?

Her mountain of accomplishment put Michelle Pescosolido's husband, Bill, in a scenario where he could quit his job and work with her on her many money-making adventures. Their lives were once and for all changed! These two are a force to be reckoned with since they make crazy amounts of money, take pleasure in seeing the children grow and live life to the fullest.

Many people these days are wondering exactly how one can market their services and products in the best way possible. The Worldwide web seems like the Wild West, so it can be really hard to figure out the best possible way to get the most traffic back to your website.

How She Can Help You?

- She is probably the most sought-after pro Facebook speaker

- She is a coach and instructor

- She is one of the industry's leading recruiters and money-makers

- Speaks on a regular basis

- She developed a course called Social Media Mastery

Needless to say, Michelle Pescosolido is all of the above but the beauty of her is that she honestly loves helping people like us find amazing success by using social media.

If you are not seeing amazing results through your Facebook marketing efforts, you certainly need the advice and knowledge that only Michelle Pescosolido can offer you through her course Social Media Mastery - it is really the ONLY Facebook course you will ever require.

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