Looking For Amed Vacation Rentals Is Golden Buddha Cottages, Search The Internet.

Golden Buddha Cottages provides round-the-clock service and protection. Each of the five cottages is a private home, separated by lush foliage with a fully covered veranda overlooking a large swimming pool. The Cottage has one king size four-poster bed draped in netting. An addition full size bed/seating area is in-room and another of the identical size on the veranda. The mattresses are regular upholstered mattress with fine linens and bedding. The pillows and linens are kept fresh and new.

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All cottages are remote controlled air-conditioned and sound-proof. The cottage's custom doors and windows can be opened up letting the evening breeze to flow throughout the room. A mosquito netting can be dropped as an insect barrier. This is one of the best Amed vacation rentals in Indonesia.

The bathroom is huge with 2 showers and constructed of rock and stone designed for convenience and hygiene. The shower has an open ceiling and impressive fixtures and style. All porcelain is To and towels are thick and unlimited.

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A large community pavilion has an appointed kitchen and a private bathroom. The veranda is set with 6 tables seating 4 with extra seating available. A service kitchen is completely appointed with cooking utensils, food preparation implements, food and beverage, refrigerator and stove. The pavilion also includes a restroom with sink, toilet and comfort area. This makes it one of the best Amed vacation rentals in the region.

The pool includes a shelf style shallow area to over 7 feet deep and a cascading water wall along with a comfortable ledge for sitting in the pool. Marble cabanas and cushioned lounges surround the pool. The courtyard is meant to be comfortable on the feet and motivating to the spirit. Rock and tile reflects whimsical images of birds, animals, flowers and symbols.

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An 8 inch thick and 8 foot high stone privacy wall surrounds the entire property. Stunning palm trees, rhododendron, azalea, dogwood, banana trees against each side of the wall for extra privacy. A private walled-in pathway leads from the street directly to Golden Buddha Cottages.

The view from all points is that of the mountains and jungle and blue skies. A lot of covered area is available for tropical rains and brilliant sun. This is no doubt one of the best Amed vacation rentals out there.

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Basic toiletries are available and unlimited towels along with bottled water. Food is fresh and organic and domestically cooked. Special diets should be discussed in advance.

A driver is available at all times. Mopeds and bicycles are also available. Private tours and entertainment can be organized for any number of guests.

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A convenience store is across the street from Golden Buddha Cottages with the typical items one would find. Traditionally Indonesian clothing and some American style attire can be purchased at a store 2 doors away. Many markets are nearby which include a number of arts, crafts, spices, foods, textiles, sculpture and unique items.

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