OluKai Moloa Shoes Are Worn For Casual Or Business Wear

As stated by the OluKai website, Moloa means "lazy" in Polynesian. All of their footwear is labeled carefully, like the business itself: Olu (comfort) Kai (ocean). "Lazy" Moloa shoes have not been made lazily. Believe it or not, they are hand sewn. Still, they speak to the casual aspect of a man's nature with their laid back design and simple colors.

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Even in the office, these particular shoes can look stylish and acceptable, yet really feel far better than a regular leather business loafer with its rigid outer shell and skinny laces. The outside is made from nubuck leather in natural, neutral colors like silt, java, and black. Additional leather is integrated into the sole, this time the full-grain type. When cleaning OluKai Moloa shoes make sure to use different kinds of leather cleaner suited to each of them: saddle soap and nubuck-specific cleaner, respectively. Naturally, you paid a good price for these shoes and that means you want them to look good and last for a very long time.

As a guy is no excuse for having merely a single pair of fine mens footwear. It may seem that it is unacceptable for full-blooded persons to have different kinds of footwear. And if you only value the company of blokes, you can go on thinking that.

For the money they spend on these types of shoes, purchasers receive hand-sewn goods. The interiors are made from faux suede micro fiber for extreme comfort during long times of standing. The contoured insole can be taken out and cleaned, ideal if you devote a lot of time in your shoes and socks. To one side, there is a slit offering elastic for ease of getting the shoe on and off. There are no laces to tie and absolutely no struggling to get these shoes on and off.

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In the past, buyers had to decide whether to get an open-back shoe or a closed one. OluKai Moloa shoes for men have been made to fold down at the back. This means they can be worn closed, but if you want to get some ventilation, fold them down while not resulting in damage. After all, lots of people fold down the backs of their footwear when they are not supposed to anyway. This innovation was predictable and is welcome.

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The soles of these kinds of shoes feature what the company refers to as "pods." These non-marking rubber treads make OluKai Moloa shoes anti-slip, so you can wear them on slick indoor flooring without having a fall. They have a one year warranty, though this doesn't apply to slipping and falling. The warranty covers construction of the shoe.

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OluKai in addition makes footwear for women and kids as well as other lines for men. Look at their website for more styles and colors. While sporting a pair of these loafer-like shoes, you are sure to feel as if your feet are on a tropical holiday even while you're working.

OluKai Moloa Shoes Are Worn For Casual Or Business Wear
As stated by the OluKai website, Moloa means "lazy" in Polynesian. All of their footwear is labeled carefully, like the business itself: Olu (comfort) Kai (ocean). "Lazy" Moloa shoes have not been made lazily.

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