Royal Caribbean's Agreement With Aker Includes An Option For An Additional Ship

Miami-based Royal Caribbean International, the world's second-largest cruise line, confirmed on February 6, 2006 that it had contracted for the most expansive and priciest luxury cruise ship in the world, a $1.24 billion cruise ship which can allow up to 6,400 travelers to take a cruise.

Cruising feel was regarded as something appropriated just for the famous and rich but thanks to Carnival Cruise who were the first ones to start less costly and shorter voyages which attracted several budget tourists.

This ship, the Oasis of the Seas, was finished in the fall of 2009 by shipbuilder Aker Yards of Oslo.The ship weighs 220,000 gross register tons. A gross register ton, a typical measure of a ship's scale, is a unit of volume equal to roughly 100 cubic feet. It was to be built at a Finnish shipyard.

The Navigator Of The Seas is one of the biggest and most favored luxury cruise ships in the world. It was produced in the same Finnish shipyards as several other high profile ships such as the Enchantment Of The Seas and also Majesty Of The Seas.

Aker was remunerated in excess of 900 million euros ($1 billion) to construct the vessel, making Project Genesis, as it is named, the priciest ship ever purchased in the history of commercial shipbuilding. The $1.24 billion number included all expenditures required for interior finish of the liner. Royal Caribbean's deal with Aker features an option for an additional ship.

In the event you will ask, there are plenty of benefits of taking repositioning cruises. These types of pluses and advantages are the explanations why it will be also advisable to take it.

Richard Fain, the chairman and chief executive of Royal Caribbean explained of Project Genesis, "It is exhilarating to take such a huge step into the future. Project Genesis really is a remarkable liner. Its striking design, bold innovation and technical advancements will fascinate our existing customers and aid us draw in new ones to book a cruise."

Cruises are offered by cruise lines. It's essential that you know what makes a reliable cruise line as this will help you in your decision. Carnival cruise lines have such family-friendly activities like age-precise video games, group painting and storytelling. To get cheap cruises, compare as many selections as possible.

Aker Yards Finland at present constructs Royal Caribbean's "Freedom" class liners. But, the Project Genesis liner will be 43 percent larger than the present day record holder, "Freedom of the Seas", which is at present under construction and slated to be finished by April 2006.

It is a well-known fact that the best cruises in the world offer some of the most unforgettable holiday vacations. They are offering various services and also facilities to cater to just about every taste and in opulent surroundings.

The largest vessel presently in operation is the Queen Mary 2, at 151,400 gross register tons. It is owned and operated by the Cunard Line, a unit of the Carnival Corporation, which happens to be the world's largest cruise liner company. The British-registered liner is 1,132 feet long, more than 236 feet high, allowing it to hold 2,620 passengers. The QM2 has the capability of going across the North Atlantic at a full speed of 30 knots. Cruise blog news reports that the 14-day 2004 initial voyage from Southampton, in the southern area of England, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 12, 2004, was completely sold out many months before departure.

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