Stem Cell Research And Its Advantages

A stem cell can essentially be viewed as a blank sheet of paper that can be made or transformed into virtually any human cell. The cell has this capability as it "listens" to directions it obtains from the body by means of hormones and chemicals. For that reason, stem cell research is really an especially exciting field.

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Researchers have been looking to coax these kinds of cells into becoming any one of the 220 differing types of specific human cells inside the body. This is simply not possible with a bone cell as it will only generate bone cells when reproducing. On the other hand, a stem cell possesses the ability to form muscle cells, bone cells, and nearly every other kind of cell in the body.

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The Possibilities In Stem cell research Are Countless

Researchers feel that this kind of a continuous supply of original cells can prove to be the ultimate treatment for almost any sort of health problem. There are actually three kinds of these cells: embryonic cells coming from human embryo, adult stem cells derived from the peripheral blood of human adults, and induced pluri-potential cells where completely grown cells are regressed or reversed to produce stem cells. Stem cells have previously been tailored into a variety of medical treatment methods used for leukemia.

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Research is ongoing to seek out stem cell based treatment methods for ailments such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis and cancer. Quite possibly the most exciting aspect of these cells is that they may be employed to grow complete replacement human organs. While transplant surgeries are feasible, the requirement for organs is much higher than the supply. Furthermore, the possibility of organ matching and rejection by the donor are quite significant issues that sooner or later do lead to difficulties for the host. On the other hand, a scenario where organs can be produced to suit the host anytime will make all of these difficulties a thing of the past.

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Current Hold Ups For Stem cell research

One of the largest sources for stem cells has been from extra embryos at in-vitro fertilization centers. Research workers remove these cells from a human embryo that doesn't survive the process and this has been the key difficulty. Religious and pro-life activists are strong in opposing the process of gathering cells which has led to delays during research.

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Researchers are quick to explain that there are actually in excess of 100,000 to 188,000 extra embryos at fertilization centers which are simply discarded as they aren't needed. Nonetheless, the controversy is still raging and a resolution isn't anticipated soon. To bypass these moral and religious considerations, researchers currently choose to work with induced pluri-potential cells from skin which work just as well for research and treatment protocols.

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