Taking Care Of The Liners In Your Sorel Snow Boots

Sorel Snow Boots are supposed to last forever and adopt to any situations that the weather or even you may throw at them. But in order to get the most out of your Sorel Snow Boots you will need to effectively maintain the liners in order that they don't get stinky and gross making you get a new set of Sorel Snow Boots.

The first thing you have to do is take off the liners from the Sorel Snow Boots if they at any time get wet or damp. To take the liners from your Sorel Snow Boots simply pull up word on the top portion of the liner removing the complete liner straight from the boot itself.

Place the liners of your Sorel Snow Boots in a spot that is fully ventilated for approximately 12 to 24 hours. You want to check that you keep the liners and your Sorel Snow Boots themselves far from extreme or direct heat. Leaving your boot liners under a blow drier and drier can never be advisable and can cause damage to the liners or the Sorel Snow Boots.

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Once the liners are perfectly dry place them back in the Sorel Snow Boots and you are good to go again. If the liners of your Sorel Snow Boots are extremely dirty or require cleaning you can clean your boot liners with a soft detergent cool water and dry towels. Ensure that you go very easy on the detergent and never extend the felt liners during the cleaning process. Once you clean your boot liners you need to give them plenty of time to dry up never putting them in the dryer or by any way to get direct heat. Be cautious when you use cleaning solution and immersing your Sorel Snow Boots liners.

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