The Best Way To Hit A Lob Wedge

The lob wedge is the shortest distance wedge in golf, the pitching wedge being the longest and the gap wedge fills the "gap" between them. It has the shortest staff and the greatest loft of all the golf clubs. This is often a club for a more advanced player, because a novice or intermediate player can get by with using a pitching wedge in all pitching situations.

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The lob wedge is actually employed to create a good deal of "bite," or backspin, and to hit above obstructions. Hit a lob wedge from around 40 to 50 yards out, especially on fast greens where you would really want the ball to have very little to no roll. This wedge will typically have a club face angled at 56 to 64 degrees. The greatest lofts are generally referred to as x-wedges, the "x" standing for "extreme."

The lob wedge was invented in 1931 to make up for some difficult maneuvering with pitching and sand wedges. In the past, in situations with challenging pin placements, players would be forced to hit glancing blows with these clubs. This risky shot was obviated with the creation of the lob wedge.

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Now that you understand a bit about the lob wedge and what it's utilized for, you'll need to know the mechanics to hit a lob wedge. First of all, address the ball. Put the ball forward in your stance, in front of your spine. Always keep your weight leaning back. It is crucial to open up both your stance and the club face. This is accomplished simply by angling your front foot 5 degrees away from the target. Now angle your club 5 degrees from the target as well.

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An important point to bear in mind is always to keep your hands still. Looseness in the wrists will cause you to be unable to strike the ball in the proper contact spot. As the point of the lob wedge will be to loft the ball, it is vital to hit somewhat behind the ball. The bottom of the club must hit the ground first, rather than the side of the club face.

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You are now ready to hit a lob wedge. Some advocate taking just a three quarter size backswing, whereas others suggest a complete swing. In any event, it is important to have a smooth, consistent swing over the line of the feet with good follow through. Make sure to keep your head down all the way through the follow through. This will drive the ball up into the air with some backspin and allow it to nestle where it lands, ideally near the pin!

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