The Greatest Actual CCIE Lab Exam Workbook Troubleshooting Case First

There was such extremely positive feedback regarding my last publish about gaining knowledge from previous not passers in the real ccie labs workbook, I decided to do this series on my very own personal mistakes in the actual lab exam. Of course, it is my hope that many could learn from these mistakes, and go on to stand out in many fewer attempts than I experienced! Anyway, I will be throwing in a few that I actually did not make, but I felt like I made them when they happened to my students. The thing is, when my students visit the examination, I feel pretty related to them. Like ET the Extraterrestrial or something!

Easily, the dumbest thing I ever personally did in the lab was obsessing about a 2 point non-core task that I was experiencing and not leaving it. That is right, wasting about 45 minutes of valuable lab time, not getting the task correct after all that time, and blowing my chances of passing right out the wonderful Research Triangle Park, North Carolina window. I know this might sound ridiculous, and it may sound like something you readers might never do, but trust me, it can happen. The thing is, I was so confident in this field of the lab technologies, I thought, there is no way I am going to miss these points - ccie r&s lab

I, like most of you, often obsess about getting even the smallest configuration correct. It is extremely interesting how tough it can be to leave a task in the lab exam. I learned to use a Skipped Task Tracker and this actually helped me to physically and psychologically leave a task.

Yet another thing I wish to point out about this mistake is the fact that 45 minutes looked like 10. Yes, time can get pretty funny on you in the exam. Make sure to be watching an actual time keeping device and not attempting to be instinctive about how much time is passing.

Notice the heading of this document, IT WAS ccie security lab. My definition of non-core is anything that I can skip, and it CANNOT impact anything else, no other points can be afflicted. That is my own personal description, and notice just how it deviates from a lot of the training vendors out there. Often times, they will just say something like OSPF tasks are Core. No, I do not agree. OSPF tasks are core only if they can impact other points in the lab examination.

To provide another instance of core and con-core from the Routing and Switching track, a non-core task would be a QoS task relating to how packets ought to be prioritized as they are sent out of a router interface. If you do not complete this task, or if you should mess it up, it cannot effect you for the other points there are to gain in the lab exam. A core task, this is one in which if you do not complete it successfully, it costs you greatly. A great example is a failure to provide connectivity to a backbone device that will inject routes into your lab domain.

Yes, that's right readers, I was completing the lab in order, and everything was moving smoothly, and I got STUCK on a task. Not just any task, a NON-CORE task. Because it was a topic I knew very well, I just could not bring myself to leave it. What a big mistake.

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