The Light Of The World Garden A Place In Which All Are Welcome To Ponder The Life Of Jesus Christ

The Light of the World foundation was created to express the life of the Savior for all those seeking for peace. Jesus Christ was an example of a life lived in the most ideal way, it is an example that reaches out to people from every walk of life. Divorced from all individual statements Jesus lived a life that could be identified with if one will humbly look to discover what truth is out there. I have heard many people declare that they seek the truth, but if presented with it they do not like to deal with what the truth might need of them. The ultimate caveat is that if you are really desirous to understand the truth you may be willing to live by the dictates of that truth.

Would you like to be a happy Christian? Learn about important godly principles that will attract the favor of God to your life. Realize what attitudes and practices will bring love, peace and joy to you and those you meet. Find out how to make room for the Holy Spirit's power in your life.

The life of Christ is the factor for hope and inspiration for all those who have sought the truth in religion. There are a lot who believe truth is not exclusive to religion nevertheless there is great peace to be found in a life lived without guile. The life of Christ is the subject of a garden that is built at Thanksgiving point. It is intended to be the largest sculpture garden ever generated. Throughout the garden there are going to be 15 sequences from the life of Christ spread out across two and a half beautiful acres. These kinds of sculptures are going to be crafted by the hands of Angela Johnson a miracle artist who credits the Savior with all her victory and has decided to hand back by creating this foundation. All are welcome, all are wanted, the garden is made to be place where any can come and spend time to ponder the life of the Savior as well as his example and message to us. For more info contact The Light of the World Foundation.

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Angela Johnson's Remarkable Hand Sculpted Bronze Sculptures Of Jesus
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Information Regarding The Garden Reserved For Jesus Christ
Be a part of something bigger than yourself, be a part of the Light of the World Foundation, assist them to change a small corner of the world into another testimony of his affection, and his gift to all mankind.

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