The Many Benefits Of Chimney Lining

Chimney lining is used to prevent smoke from leaking into the home. Chimney lining is available in a variety of materials such as metal and bricks depending on the type of fire used due to the fact wood stoves are hotter than gas fires therefore you will need to get a chimney lining that can resist the heat produced.

When looking for chimney lining some of the factors you should consider is the form of heat that is produced by your fire source. Some heat sources produce more heat than the others. For instance wood stoves generate more heat than a gas fire and lining the chimney with a material that is suitable for a gas fire such as stainless steel metal lining will not be suitable for a wood fire as it may lead to burning of the lining, or producing a bad smell when the fire is burning because the lining will be impacted by the heat also it can also lead to your chimney getting damaged.

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Pick a chimney lining that will leave satisfactory space in the chimney for ventilation. If the lining is too thick, there may not be sufficient ventilation space in the chimney so the smoke and soot will flow back into the home. The cold air outside of the chimney will draw out the warm air in the chimney, which is the smoke, so that it can be dispelled. If the ventilation is not enough to permit the smoke to be drawn out then it will flow back to the easiest outlet which will be the house that may be damaging to your health as well as property.

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It's best to get chimney lining that acts as an insulator so the gases that are passing through do not get condensed which may make them flow back into the home. It is best to use round lining as opposed to rectangular and square flue tiles or angled lining as smoke spirals up wards. Rectangle or square tiles will take up more room than necessary or decrease the space so that you will find there's reduced draft so that the space in the chimney is reduced.

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There are different forms of chimney linings such as metal linings which can either be rigid or flexible, ceramic linings, cement based linings and clay lining. You may use either of these types based on your chimney because old kinds of houses have different chimneys as compared to modern houses. However it is best to go for high quality type of chimney lining so that it can last long, it will not be in danger of cracking or breaking because of heat. The most important things you should do when picking a chimney lining is consider safety in your home and during the set up process ensure that it is done safely as well as well. Don't go for a cheaper choice of lining if it will endanger your health and health with smoke entering your home as it will cost more in the long run as you will eventually have to replace it.

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