The Many Different Types Of Cocktail Glasses

Some individuals have a passion for collecting various kinds of wine glasses. From the simplest wine glasses to tall tumblers, people like to treat themselves with a huge collection of these kinds of glasses. Nevertheless, this kind of collection is deemed to be unfinished if you do not include cocktail glasses in your collection.

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In essence cocktail glasses are stemmed glasses with a cone shaped bowl positioned upon a stem above a flat base. Just as the name suggests, these types of glasses are mainly used for serving cocktail drinks. A martini glass is one such glass which has received the applause of individuals across the globe. The special feature of this glass lies in its expansive bowl and sturdy stem that stops transfer of heat from a person's body to the bowl and thus causes it to be warm.

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Cocktail glasses are always a favorite among bartenders as their wide brims make it possible for them to emphasize the garnishing performed during the presentation. Actually it is this expansive bowl that ensures that all of the ingredients employed in the presentation do not become scattered away. Based on the shapes of these glasses they are generally categorized as follows:

1. Cocktail glass: A stemmed V shaped, straight side bowl glass that has the ability of holding 5 or more fluid ounces.

2. Rock glass: In addition referred to as a whiskey glass, this is actually an old fashioned glass that includes a flat bottom, sloping sides and has a capacity of holding about 16 fluid ounces.

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3. High ball glass: Excellent for white wine, this is a long stemmed glass that has a tulip shaped bowl that's best for serving champagne or champagne based cocktails.

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4. Brandy glass: These are generally short stemmed glasses with a round bowl making them ideal for serving brandy. Based on their holding capacity they are readily available in all sizes.

Garnishing performs a significant part in any presentation and serving cocktails is no exception to this fact. So aside from cocktail glasses, picking the appropriate kind of cocktail decorating accessories can also be very important. Some of the popular garnishes and equipment which go hand in hand with cocktails include cocktail sticks, straws, maraschino cherries, olives, oranges, lemons, nutmeg, cinnamon, cucumber, mint, pearl onions, caster sugar and fine salt. Traditionally people have been employing them with minor alterations for a very long time.

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Choice of cocktail glass is every bit as essential as the drink itself since these glasses aren't only nice to look at but additionally enhance your drinking experience. So next time you visit a store to purchase glasses for your collection, make certain you select a good cocktail glass.

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