The Wasp On The Other Hand Is Rather Aggressive In Pest Control

There are many fantastic and exciting creatures that lurk within a back garden. Some are extremely beneficial for plants and flowers, and some can cause havoc on the beauty of nature. As a gardener, it's crucial that you can maintain conservancy of nature and understand what insects are beneficial and which are potentially harmful to the mini ecosystem present within your garden.

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The Good

There are a whole host of good insects out there who will help to eradicate most harmful pests within a garden. The humble ladybird is a widely known and widely found useful insect, which also happens to be the main predator for aphids, mites, and the larvae of garden insects. Lacewings are another brilliant example of a positive little helper from nature, and they do a wonderful job at repelling pests and this aids in the conservancy of nature.

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Even though bees don't help in controlling pests, they do a brilliant job at pollinating plants. The wasp conversely is rather aggressive in pest control. Some lesser-known creatures such as the rove beetle, ground beetle, and hover-fly love to prey on various garden pests, and can efficiently tackle the larvae and adult phases of aphids and mites.

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The Bad

There are many well-known insects which do nothing but do havoc on a beautiful garden area if left unattended. Aphids are possibly the commonest pest within a garden, and it's not astonishing considering that there are more than 500 species in the UK alone. Other species to be aware of are spider mites, caterpillars, slugs and snails. The great majority of these critters like to consume the leaves, stems, flowers, sap, and roots of a plant. Leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, which potentially causes severe destruction or even killing the plant.

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Positive Effect

There are several techniques that may be used to protect and control insects with a garden. Find a way to try and encourage the beneficial insects into your garden, whilst repelling or eradicating any which causes problems. Being able to recognize the characteristics of insects and knowing the bad and good points they can provide is essential for the conservancy of nature and essential in impacting the productivity and aesthetic appearance of a garden.

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