This Globe Needs To Have More Free Spirits

Most people live their nine-to-five-life functioning as expected, making their money, pay their bills, get kids, which get impacted early by the current schools etc., however at all times there were people who were unique and so it is today.

What you are about to read truly happened. It has not been made to 'convince' anybody that 'angels' are there, just to share an experience that I have learned from by talking to others and attending angel courses.

Obviously, not every outsider is always one of the free spirits, however everyone not serving the system the usual way could have terrific potential. When I am travelling or get around I always watch out for this kind of individuals. To me they are a lot more interesting compared to others, typically they don't have a typical life as I don't have and don't want it. However what makes a person a free spirit?

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I would presume that more people than we think would label themselves to be free spirits, may be just they desire to be so and I also presume different people would give this an entirely different meaning. What they would actually want to express is: "I am different", (as everybody in the western world desires to be unique).

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Searching through the net most definitions agree that a free spirit is kind of nonconformist.

Individuals who I see as free spirits live on their very own terms (as far as possible), have their very own perspective of their lives and the world they dwell in as they possess their own personal opinions about life and the world based on own research not counting on the current media. Mostly they are pretty educated and intelligent, but also artistic people. I love to have them around me since I see myself as a free spirit living on my own terms, although this is not always pleasant (but much better than the other way).

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I think this world could be a better place if more people would have the courage and the will to rise up from their blinded dream, which is prepared for them to keep them in conformity to the system, but the majority of people don't even see their enslavement and accept it willingly.

Just what does this mean? Do you remember the movie The Matrix? Morpheus said that every single person connected to the system is an agent. Furthermore he explained that we can sense the Matrix every single day as an example when we pay our taxes. Herds of individuals were fascinated by this movie, but yet I am unsure whether they fully understood it.

The scientific kind of dream analysis will save plenty of heart aches and help answer the many problems in your life.

At this time I don't want to open up topics around this. What I want with this article is that you question yourself asking: "Do I really live the life I want?"

Take care.

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