What Do You Need To Think About When Installing A Stairlift In Your House?

Can a stair lift cover any stair lift configuration?

Stairway lifts may be configured to manage any staircase. Many staircases are either uncomplicated, have a center landing, or are curved. In a number of cases, a buyer who has a center landing may install two residential stair lifts in, one on the first collection of steps and another on the second collection of steps.

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Do I have to do anything unique to prep the residence for a residential stair lift?

Not especially, except if you don't have an electrical power outlet to support the functioning of the stair lift. In this case, would require an electrician to add an electric outlet before the stair lift is hooked up. In a number of cases, the stair rail might need to be eliminated if it hinders the functioning of the stair lift.

How is the stair lift secured to the residence?

The stair lift is bolted down right into the stairway. It needs rail mounts roughly each three to four ft.

What is the distinction between A/C and BOS? What are the positives and negatives?

An A/C device is managed from the typical household electric outlet. When the electricity fails, the residential stair lift will no function. There aren't any continuing costs to support the performance of this system like there are with the BOS.

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A BOS (battery-powered System) is controlled by normal 12V battery packs. The BOS will function if there's an electric power failing for as long as the batteries last (typically ten trips). Batteries for these lifts must be changed annually. Typical cost for 12V batteries are $50-$75. 12V battery packs are like the ones that handle children's Barbie or play vehicles operated on driveways.

Can chair lifts for stairs work if the electricity is out?

An A/C operated unit won't operate after the electrical power of the house is canceled. A BOS (battery-powered System) is going to work for a short time.

How much space does a stair lift make use of?

When no longer used, the lift may be folded up, improving space on the flight of stairs for other people. It takes up approximately 14 in when folded and typically opens to about twenty five in.

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Will a stair lift function for somebody that also employs a wheelchair?

Stair lifts can be helpful even for a person that has restricted movement. Convenience benefits developed into some units include fold-able arms that lift up and out of the way, changeable chair heights, and comfortable, padded seats.

Precisely how does the stair lift look and feel in my house?

You may typically select out of a broad variety of colours and fabrics. Upholstery choices can include easy-to-care for vinyl and cloth. Chair and track colours can be chosen to blend with many home decors.

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And what about safety abilities?

Important security options on most stair lifts consist of a seat belt, obstruction detectors that will stop the lift should something block its trail, a swivel seat lock that holds the unit in place while you get off or on. Steady tension controls make sure the lift is going to stop if you release your finger from the control buttons.

Are stair lifts easy to care for?

Certainly. Stair lifts are designed to survive for many years. The majority of stair lifts feature a manufacturer's guaranty.

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Can a stair lift hold any operators weight level?

The majority of stair lifts handle up to a three hundred lb ability. Some makers offer you stair lifts up to 375 pound ability.

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