Wood Made Summer Houses Or Casas De Madera - All Of The Important Information You Need Concerning Wood Houses

A hardwood summer home or casas de madera is so much more than a storage shed, yet for the uneducated they are very similar. Both of them have four sides and a roof, they are both placed in the garden, both have a door from the outside community, so what I hear you ask, is the main difference? A wood made summer property is an addition to a house, a location that can be visited to rest and to entertain, not just to store rusty tools like the garden shed.

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The additional principal difference of course is the rate, for wooden summer houses or casas de madera usually are not cheap. They cost a large sum of money so it is really critical to choose one with a design and style that will appeal for several years and also is comprised material that will stand up to the worst of winters.

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Even if you build your own solid wood garden house or buy one in, you may probably want planning permission. Every local authority is completely different so depending on your spot you may get lucky enough, but either way it pays to check before the building starts. There would be almost nothing worse than wasting all that money by having to bring the summer home down on the orders of the local council.

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It is really significant that you think of numerous elements before you commence the build up. Below is a list of key things to take into account:

Regulations - As outlined above, constantly check local building policies with the related government bodies.

Foundations - However of size, all solid wood summer dwellings or casas de madera will require foundations. This will aid prevent the floor from warping and likewise give it a small elevation.

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Components - Ensure that you choose a resistant wood which doesn't rot speedily and is not susceptible to attack from mites or very similar. Western red cedar is common, like oak.

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