Zoloft Birth Issues Could Lead To A Legal Action

This drug and numerous other SSRI antidepressants have been linked to skull defects and life-threatening cardiac problems in newborns of women taking these drugs during pregnancy. The maker of this drug refused to warn patients about the potential risks.

If you delivered a newborn with Zoloft birth,you should find out if you are eligible for a potential Zoloft lawsuit. You only have a short amount of time to take legal action due to the statute of limitations, so do not think twice to inquire about your rights.

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Types of Zoloft Birth Defects

Women who took Zoloft early in pregnancy have a higher risk for delivering a child with a septal heart defect. In light of this reported link between the SSRI drug and Zoloft cardiac defects, our Zoloft birth defects lawyers would like to hear from women who took this drug in pregnancy and delivered children with the following symptoms:

- Cardiac defects

- Neural tube birth defects

- Anal atresia

- Omphalocele

- Craniosynostosis

- Limb defects

- Cleft lip and palate

- Other unknown birth defects

Zoloft may not only be the cause of cardiac conditions but often has been linked to them. Our attorneys are available to review claims from Zoloft users who delivered children with such adverse effects as outlined above.

If you took this SSRI or the generic version (sertraline) during pregnancy and delivered a child with Zoloft birth defects, you might be able to file a Zoloft lawsuit.

Such children who were born with Zoloft birth defects may possibly require several surgical treatments to treat their injuries. In the cases of Zoloft heart issues, the child may need a surgery during the first 3 years of birth. This will often be accompanied by further treatments as he or she gets older. Such treatments could get extremely expensive. Legal representation might be just what you need to pay for such expenses. Check out our site today to fill out a free online consultation form.

Zoloft Birth Issues Could Lead To A Legal Action
Should you be a woman who took Zoloft while pregnant, you may be eligible for a lawsuit. Numerous Zoloft birth defects have been reported over the last couple of years.

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