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Sample Graduation Thank You Cards

We have sample graduation thank you cards that you can use to personalize your thank you notes, cards and letters. Find what you need below or click on our links to get immediate help.

What's the best thing about graduation? If you say Graduation, you are 100% correct! You made it through - the ceremony was great, the graduation parties were fabulous, and the gifts were so very generous! Now it's time to write and send your graduation thank you cards.

It's a great way to show your appreciation and gratitude for the presents and the presence of family and friends at your graduation ceremony for support and gifts given. Writing graduation thank you cards can sometimes be a daunting task. Many people purchase graduation thank you cards from card companies online or at a retail store like Hallmark, etc. If you are the type of person that would like to create your own cards to add your personal touch and sentiments, you can use our sample graduation thank you cards that will help to get you started.

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Sample Graduation Thank You Cards

Dear Professor______,
It's hard to believe the moment I have worked so very hard for over the past 4 years is finally here.  Though I am excited to graduate and move on into the next phase of my life, this experience is bittersweet.  You have made such a gigantic impression on my life that has allowed me to reach farther than I could ever dream possible.  I will always remember you.  Thank you Professor______, for making a difference.
Most Sincerely,

This card is to let you know how very much having you at my graduation meant to me.  I saw you in the audience cheering as I received my diploma.  I'll always remember your loving support.  Thank you for sharing my special day and for believing in me.
Warmest regards,
Leticia Ann

Dear Aunt Maria:
You were so generous to send a check to me for my graduation.  Although I wanted you here, I knew all your love and good wishes were with me.  Please know that I am so appreciative of your gift and I plan on investing it wisely.  I thank you for your thoughtfulness, and I hope to see you this year.


"Reach for the moon
And if you miss,
You'll land among
The Stars"

Sample Graduation Thank You Cards from Thank You Note Wording.info

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