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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Short Poem To Say Thank You

It's always nice to thank a friend but how much nicer it is to send a short poem to say thank you to a friend or loved one.

Here then are some famous and not so famous poems to say thank you to add to your greetings, notes, handmade cards, scrapbooks or letters. There are so many creative ways to say thank you. All you need do is to think of that special person and love starts flowing, am I right?

Copy and paste all you want from this page and throughout Thank You Note Wording.info, and find below that special short poem to say thank you that you've been looking for.
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Short Poem To Say Thank You

Thank you for coming,
Holding me dear,
Although you have known me
No more than one year.
Know that I know what
Your words want to say,
Older than sunshine
Upon a new day.


The world's a better place
Because of folk like you
Who take the time to do nice things
The way you always do.
Thank you so so much


Thank you much more
Than a greeting can say,
Because you were thoughtful
In such a nice way!


I Thank God For You
Because you bring such joy to me,
And a love that is so deep.
A smile that brings me happiness,
And a love I want to keep.
I thank God for You!
Because when I'm down and almost out,
Your love guides me through.
And if I get too depressed,
It seems you know just what to do.
I thank God for You!
Because my problems sometimes overhelm me,
Your gentle touch and warm embrace
Give me the strength to carry on,
When I see the sunshine in your face.
I thank God for You!
Because you mean all the world to me,
And we share a special bond.
To love each other every day
And never let each other down.
I thank God for you!
~Kenneth E. Webster~


Thank you

Thank you dad
For loving me
For showing that you care
For all the times we spent together
Even when you weren't there
For all the love we shared
Even when tempers flared
Thank you dad for hugging me
When I was feeling down
Listening to your voice
Is always a peaceful sound
~Ferret Girl~


You came into my life so unexpectedly
I never thought I would meet someone like you
So open and caring
not afraid to hold back
You're what I've always wanted
but never could quite grasp
I can't belive how lucky I am to have you
Out of millions of others
you chose me
My life had little meaning before you
I'd never actually been happy
But every day you give me a reason
to laugh to smile to breathe
And to just be me
You never once asked me to change
What you do is encourage me and guide me
And I just want to thank you


Aaah, Love, isn't it grand?  Visit our Thank Wedding page for ideas for thank you for the gift cards.

Short Poem To Say Thank You from Thank You Note Wording.info

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