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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Proper Way of Wedding Thank You Wording

A couple might be too overwhelmed in opening all the lovely wedding gifts they have received. However, it’s also equally important to spend time in composing and writing a thank you note. These notes should be sent within 1 month after receiving the gifts on your wedding day. Most couples who are writing thank you notes may feel like they are just repeating the same words to all their guests. If this is the case, you can use different wedding thank you wording that will make your letters sound more personalized and sincere.

Wedding Thank You Wording

Don’t be Misunderstood When Composing Wedding Thank You Wording

Although there is nothing wrong with using common words like beautiful, great and thank you, you can use other words with similar meaning such as attractive, awesome and gratefulness. You can also change some of the common phrases; like “I value the” instead of “I appreciate the” and “I want to express my gratitude for” instead of “thank you for.” Just choose carefully when writing wedding thank you notes that you will use words that convey meaning and appreciation.

It will help if you have a complete list of all the gifts and the names of the guests who gave them. Remember to also observe proper etiquette aside from using personalized wedding thank you wording when writing these cards or notes. There are simple rules of wedding wording etiquette that should be observed, because there are risks of being misunderstood, and could be considered rude.


Suggested Rules on Proper Wedding Thank You Wording Etiquette

Send a separate thank you note for each gift whenever a guest gave you a gift on your wedding shower and gave you another one on your wedding day.
A thank you note should be handwritten if you’re sending by mail. You can also use email in some cases, but never type your note on the computer. Print and send by regular mail. Only use black or dark blue ink instead of other colored ink, it makes the note easier to read.
Here's more wedding thank you tips. Always try to personalize your thank you notes. Never begin your note with general statements or phrases like “thanks for the gift”, because they are too general. Warm up your notes with something that describes the gift.
There will instances where you do not like the gift. If that’s the case, just remember it’s the thought that counts. Keep in mind the person has spent time and money in choosing the gift. He or she still deserves a thank you for the gift.

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